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Our team embodies a forward-looking ethos and fosters collaboration, prioritizing the optimization of long-term investments well beyond their initial establishment. Our steadfast commitment to transparency and stringent governance is evidenced by the meticulous selection process of our top-tier professional team.


With 16 years experience, has held various board and leadership roles in consulting, corporate services, financial and fiduciary services as well as fund management across Lisbon, London, Istanbul and Geneva. His vast experience gives Michael a unique insight in the Portuguese Golden Visa Market, particularly regarding Private Equity Funds.

  • Headed up from inception a residency by investment business which he grew to over 70 new clients a year.
  • Advised on the first Golden Visa eligible fund established in Portugal.
  • Founding Member of leading Fund Manager in Portugal which Michael grew into the fastest growing.
  • Led the capital raise of an investment platform which successfully raised over €100M over the last 2 years which is particularly noteworthy in Portugal.


Has a passion for all things classic. Having trained as an opera singer in Cape Town and at the Royal College of Music in London for over ten years, and enjoying an operatic career that led her across the globe to many prolific opera houses and concert halls, Filipa understands how to communicate with artistry, passion and elegance. This interest in the human condition and how best to convey it to an audience, allowed for a seamless transition into marketing.

  • Filipa has had experience in content creation, website and blog management,
    digital marketing, social media management, and videography.
  • Having lived a largely nomadic lifestyle, Filipa ultimately chose Lisbon as her
    home. Highlighting Portugal’s unique charm with authenticity has been a
    particular focus.
  • Filipa has experience working on events, freelance marketing in the music
    industry and curated travel to Portugal, as well as working in the luxury real
    estate sector as a marketing manager.
  • Filipa helps communicate Aquila’s vision to a global audience.


Has been with FundBox since 2013, initially as a compliance officer, the department she now leads as of 2019.

Tânia’s current role is Managing Director and Chief Legal Officer at FundBox, bringing to the fore her expertise in banking – with BPI, and the Portuguese division of Catalonia’s Caixa Bank.

  • Tânia is a member of the Portuguese Bar. She holds a Bachelors and Master’s degree in law from Catolica University, Lisbon,
  • Having completed an alternative investment course from Harvard Business School, which is of particular relevance to Aquila.

Tânia ensures that all Portuguese and EU anti-laundering money regulations are adhered to with the strictest rigour.


Possesses a unique selling proposition within the realm of Portuguese private equity funds, thanks to his extensive and comprehensive expertise in the motor vehicle industry in

  • Established Portugal’s first fleet management company in 1992 achieving a €5M evaluation in 1996 when exiting to Hertz Corporation.
  • Co-Founded Portugal and Spain’s largest car Auctioning Platform in 1997 achieving a 12x EBITDA multiple upon exit to the UK Parent Company BCA in 2007.
  • 2009 establishment of Loop Brazil with BCA UK whose shareholding now includes Estapar – Brazil’s premier Parking Lot Management Company, and Webmotors (Santander and Carsales’ leading Brazilian online selling platform.
  • 2010 founding of ATP China a Macau based food distribution company which achieved a €4M evaluation upon exit to a local partner in 2018.
  • As a private investor Luís manages Celta Mutai SGPS a family office investment structure with 16 years of positive performance and exceedingly above market performance.


Has a vast international professional experience
throughout Europe and South America, having worked in Portugal, Spain, UK and Chile primarily in financial services.

  • Several Directorship Positions for Santander Bank
  • Previous Marketing Director of Nestlé affiliate company.
  • Executive Director of The Lisbon MBA since 2013.
  • In 2014, Nuno founded Impact CONSULTING. He is also a shareholder and board member in several industrial companies based in Portugal focussing on bettering the environment through pioneering reuse, repurpose and recycle projects.
  • Founded CPWM Wealth Management in 2014 a boutique M&A firm which has achieved national recognition and has expanded into 6 countries in Europe and South America.


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At Portugal Panorama, our paramount goal is to create time for our clients by consistently generating high-quality, long-term investment returns in a regulated and transparent environment.